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Junior Warrior Classes now active for ages 7-12 on Wednesdays.

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We are so much more than a martial arts school, we take pride in making sure we know all our students and to bring the best out of them in order to reach their goals. 

Learn Wing Chun in Swindon and Online

Wing Chun International is dedicated to bringing the art of Wing Chun (Kung Fu) to the town of Swindon and more recently modules are coming online for home learning alongside live class sessions with Wing Chun International Instructors

Our Swindon instructor is a very dedicated and passionate person, focused on his students, school and bringing the art of Wing Chun to you.

Wing Chun International teaches the complete martial art system of Wing Chun and starts its new students on a journey from the beginning of the Wing Chun system, through into Wing Chun Mastery.



Martial Arts for Adults
Wing Chun is a martial art dedicated to the subject of self defence for adult students aged 13 and above. Wing Chun is unique as to where the art fits to the Person, unlike many other forms of Martial arts where the person must fit to the ART...

Wing Chun Kung Fu was invented for adults and is specifically dedicated to the subject of self defence, it is not a sport and has never had any inclination to be in a combative arena for the purpose of winning against an opponent, or to develop the human beings Ego to over power and influence others.

Self Defence for Women
Wing Chun Kung Fu is for everyone, but as it was invented by a woman ( Yim Wing Chun). The philosophy of Wing Chun gives the female student the ability to learn and train in a practical environment... 

For the majority of women, the thought of attending a martial arts class to learn to effectively defend themselves is possibly the worst thought of the day, typically a male dominated environment can be a very intimidating one, women who are looking to defend themselves from being attacked by a male is therefore a scary prospect to train with them.

One of the great things about Wing Chun Kung Fu is that it is said to be the only martial art founded by a woman and takes its name from its legendary ‘founder’; Yim Wing Chun.   In Chinese, Wing Chun literally means ‘beautiful springtime’ or ‘everlasting spring’.

With this in mind, the philosophy of the Wing Chun Class room is very different to others, yet gives the female student the ability to learn in an environment that allows them to stay and feel safe, yet be given the confidence to train in a way where the new found skills and ability can be developed against predominantly those that it will be needed against in real life situations.


Martial Arts for Children
Our Children program has been developed for the need to keep children safe and educated whilst having fun. Working through our program to build Confidence and Self Esteem whilst delivering the important life skills to help them grow into young adults...

Wing Chun International's aim is to provide full time martial arts education for your children from the age of 4 and taking them through our black belt and leadership courses, therefore developing them into young instructors; your child is respectful, confident, and willing to succeed in the future.

At Wing Chun International we develop your child from the inside out through our award winning Bully Proof Programme. Come along and try our FREE trial lesson!


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21/06/2021 - 27/06/2021


7:00am - 8:00am

Private Lessons

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7:30pm - 8:30pm

HQ Swindon Adults 13+

Instructor Daniel Tyler
8:30pm - 9:30pm

Adults 13+ Advanced and Technician

Chief Instructor Simon Lazarus


7:00pm - 9:00pm

Gloucester Adults 13+

Chief Instructor Simon Lazarus


7:30pm - 9:30pm

Devizes Adults 13+

Chief Instructor Simon Lazarus


10:00am - 2:00pm

Private Lessons

Chief Instructor Simon Lazarus


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