Wing Chun Kung Fu for Adults within Wing Chun International is offered for adult students aged 13 and older, there is a very good reason for this as a starting age! The adult age is normally 18 and this would allow for a specific teenage market for children/Adults aged between 13 to 18 however as a separate age group this is one that is hard to maintain a dedicated class with enough students for Most instructors to keep the classes running, Wing Chun International therefore open the adults classes to 13 and then if the demand is great enough in a area the instructor will split the teenage group into there own class, if this cannot be achieved then all instructors have the skill and ability to hold the teenage attention and make the classes fun and exciting for them.

Unlike most Martial Arts where the adult MUST fit to the requirement of the art being learnt, Wing Chun Kung Fu is unique! Wing Chun Kung Fu is a phenomenal Martial Arts system that has been written and designed as to fit to the requirements of the individual person, whilst teaching a common goal you can work within the classes to your own goals and achievements.


We aim to teach 6 subjects within each class:




  For the majority of people who begin Martial Arts training the use of the fist is a difficult one to overcome, this however is an unfortunate compromise needed in order learn to defend your self, Wing Chun is the only original Martial Art that punches with a Vertical fist so needs to be taught to the student and mastered, we achieve this through various punching drills and exercises.