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Chief Instructor Simon Lazarus

Chief Instructor Simon Lazarus photo Chief Instructor Simon Lazarus

Having started a journey in Martial Arts through Judo when I was young, most situations I was presented with didn't require its use. Great to know and was fun to learn, but what else was there that could help in street situations....

In the early 2010' i came across a mix of two Japanese styles being taught locally. It became apparent that the modern way of teaching focussed the majority of the class on exercising over learning techniques and learning how to apply them or so i found. Its a fact that a good level of fitness will serve us well however I was passionate to learn something close quarter, effective and efficient.

Having had a small amount of Kung Fu input from a friend I found went on to find Wing Chun International.

Motivated by the teachings I have been fortunate enough to make my way to becoming a student of Master Andrew Cameron (8th Level Grand).